Who We Are

My wife, Aileen is a tremendous woman.  She is beautiful, smart, funny, and almost annoyingly caring.  Aileen has recently (over the past two years) made a career change.  She has left the manufacturing world, where she was an industrial engineer, and while working on her Masters Degree in Public administration focusing on non-profit management, is essentially running a non-profit organization.  It has been amazing to watch Aileen grow and change and really take off.  She will be the first to credit God and her relationship with Jesus Christ with motivating this change as well as sustaining her through it.

My own walk takes me from jock to nerd, from a small town in NW Pennsylvania to chasing storms on the Great Plains.  I met Aileen at the University of Oklahoma.  We are approaching nine years of marriage.  It has definitely had some rough patches, but has truly grown into something I was hoping to have in a marriage.  As with Aileen, I cannot claim my own success.  God has walked me down a very interesting path and the more I read about Jesus, the more I am compelled by Him.

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