I have realized that I’m a people pleaser. In some ways this is good, and in others not so much. Part of that mindset is a nature to want to impress people. But lately I’ve started asking myself why.

Why do I feel the need to impress?

As I mull this, I realize the desire to impress is not the same in all situations. Sometimes it is to try to make myself feel less insignificant. Other times, it is because I admire someone and want to connect with them.

I contrast this with a revelation of doing things to get them done as opposed to doing them the best way (I can), or out of joy.

Perhaps if I could focus more on the excellence/joy aspect, I would care less about impressing others. I will still desire to connect with those I admire/enjoy, but it would not be out of desperation to be noticed. Instead it would be for the pleasure of knowing that person and the time spent with them.

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