Leaving the Country

Leaving the Country

Probably not the best security advice to announce that you’re leaving the country, but I have phenomenal neighbors (I’m looking at you Laufersweilers!) and my fantastic mother-in-law will be looking in on our watch-cat daily.

We’re heading to Houston, then Managua, Nicaragua then onto the city of Leon (Nicaragua) wich is SW of Managua and about 12 miles from the western coast of the country. Aileen and I are going there as a part of a group of 12 from Summit Church in Newcastle, OK.

We’re partnering with Living Water International to drill a fresh water well (and share the Gospel) for one of the small communities outside of Leon. When we get back, I will post lots of stuff about the trip – including the name of where we went!

Over the past year, I have thought a lot about just what “The Gospel” is and whether it is something I want to share, as opposed to something I’m supposed to share.It has been an interesting journey to begin to understand the Gospel personalized as opposed to a sales item. I’m still hesitant, but if asked, I no longer worry about giving some bullsh*t answer. The answer I give will indeed be genuine.

Anyway, off to bed. Looking forward to posting the experience when I return!


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  1. Mark C

    Have a great (and safe) trip! I’m sure it will be a awesome experience. I’ll have to “drop by” your house while your gone and help myself to your playstaton3 (or is it xbox? Colecovision?)

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