The Next Chapter

The Next Chapter

It has been a while since I’ve written. I guess the grand scheme of trying to be reflective by blogging didn’t go so well in 2011. For that matter, periods of reflection seemed to be few and far between, unfortunately.

A lot has happened in the span of 2011. a synopsis will (hopefully) follow soon, but the bottom line is that I now work at NCAR, or specifically: the Data Support Services group at NCAR CISL. (Enough acronyms for you?!)

I have been itching to get to Colorado for some time. Aileen was tremendously gracious in supporting this move. Things have gone tremendously well, so much so, that is seems like God is teaching us how to confidently step into His blessing. So I’m already at work at the NCAR this really cool building. The picture included is literally out the back door.

Outside My Office

I can’t wait for Aileen to join me at the start of April. I will try to follow up soon with how we came to this decision and the fascinating things that have led us here.


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