Sunrise Lightning – The Money Maker

[ OVERVIEW: This is one of a series of lightning photos that I took on the  morning of 6 August 2009.  I was heading to the gym a little before six am (wait for snickering to die down) and line of high based thunderstorms was aimed right for my neighborhood.  I love trying to capture lightning with twilight because it makes for a wonderful color contrasts.  NOTE: my camera’s clock was set for UTC on this date, so ignore the LT.]


This is one of my all time favorite pictures I have ever taken.  I had been waiting for the lightning to strike in a spot that would get some of the sunlit sky behind it.  This was everything I hoped for.  Even the little rain curtain that draws through the lightning channels enhances the composition.

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  1. Tammy Gentile

    Amazing picture…truly beautiful…

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